Promotions and Transfers

Jennifer Whigham promotion

Jennifer Whigham

Jennifer Whigham has been promoted to Safe Deposit Box Custodian in Waynesboro.

Christol  Cherry promotion

Christol Cherry

Christol Cherry has been promoted to Administrative Assistant to the CEO.

Carol  Buckalew promotion

Carol Buckalew

Carol Buckalew has been promoted to Vice President/Branch Manager of Waynesboro.

Darron  Dodd promotion

Darron Dodd

Darron Dodd has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Retail Banking in Laurel.

Craig Espey promotion

Craig Espey

Craig Espey has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Lending in Meridian.

Debra Foxworth promotion

Debra Foxworth

Debra Foxworth has been promoted to Treasury Management Officer.

Byron Jordan promotion

Byron Jordan

Byron Jordan has been promoted to Executive Vice President/Chief Credit Officer.

Amber Page promotion

Amber Page

Amber Page has been promoted to Assistant Vice President/Branch Manager in Laurel.

Mark  Waller promotion

Mark Waller

Mark Waller has been promoted to President of the Waynesboro Banking Center.

Sid  Wilkinson promotion

Sid Wilkinson

Sid Wilkinson has been promoted to President of the Meridian Clock Tower Office.

Jeffrey Lacey promotion

Jeffrey Lacey

Jeffrey Lacey been promoted to President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board.

Broc Koen promotion

Broc Koen

Broc Koen has been promoted to Management Trainee in Waynesboro.

Abigail Brewer promotion

Abigail Brewer

Abigail Brewer has been promoted to Loan Secretary in Waynesboro.

Becky Holifield transfer

Becky Holifield

Becky Holifield has transferred to Loan Operations as Loan Operations Clerk in Waynesboro.